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We are a small family run business here in North Idaho aiming to meet the needs of our area residents and visitors. We have a new fleet of 2012 Starcraft Autumn Ridge 28 ft towable campers. For the lake we offer a wide variety of rental options including our Larson ski/wake boats, Crest pontoon/pleasure boats, jet skis & kayaks. We also have water skis, wake boards, towable boat toys and personal floatation devices.
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Laws to know before you rent a jet ski

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Renting a jet ski or personal watercraft for the first time can be a blast. Riding around on Lake Pend Oreille can be fun and exciting for the whole family! But before you head out on the lake, it’s important to know the rules and laws that come with renting a jet ski. At Sandpoint Marine and Motorsport, our team will make sure you know the laws before you hit the water. But if you’re looking for a refresher course, we’ve gathered a few of the most common questions people have about renting jet skis.

What are the laws jet skis have to follow?

In Idaho, personal watercrafts (also known as PWC, another name for jet skis) are subject to the same laws as motorboats in regards to operation and handling.

What do I need to do before renting a jet ski?

Rules vary state to state, but in Idaho, the law requires that anyone renting a jet ski receive information from the entity renting the jet ski (that’s us!) We’ll tell you about the jet ski, how to handle it, what the proper safety procedure is and more.

What about life jackets?

You must wear a life jacket while on a running jet ski. The law states that when using a motorized boat, which includes jet skis, life jackets must be “readily accessible.” Because there is nowhere to safely store a life jacket on a jet ski, this means the life jacket must be worn at all times by both driver and passenger when the PWC is underway.

How about no wake zones?

Just like a motorboat, jet skiers need to be aware of their wake. Slow to 5 miles per hour whenever you’re within 200 feet of a dock, boat, structure or person on the lake. This distance is 100 feet on rivers.

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